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Are there travel fees? 

For locations farther than 30 miles from our location in Somerset, there is a £1/mile round trip fee.


Glam is similar to what you see the Kardashians using!

It smooths skin, makes eyes more doe-like, and adds facial glow.

When does the photo booth get set up for an event?

This will vary - but we like to set up AT LEAST 2 hours prior to the event starting.

What is required to reserve my date?

A 30% retainer is due when booking to reserve your date.

This goes toward the total cost of your package!

How much space does the photo booth need

For our Party Booth or Drop Off Booth - Ideally, a 12x12 foot space! - this gives plenty of room for prints and moving around

We can set up in an 8x8 foot space at a minimum.

For our 360 Photo Booth - we require a minimum of 15x15 foot space for safety purposes.

What is a custom overlay?

Have you seen the geotags/overlays on snapchat that match locations/events/holidays? - that is exactly what this is!

We customize the overlay to match your event perfectly!

Can I have my photo booth outside?

Short answer: yes

The photo booth can be outside. It must be protected from the elements (wind, rain, sun, heat). The booth can not be outside in temperatures lower than 45 and higher than 85. If the photo booth is placed outside, it will need to be in a covered spot. Due to the nature, rain can pop up at any time.

Does the booth require wifi or cell service?


If your venue has poor cell service, we will need the venue's wifi password. Our photobooth runs off of wifi/cell service.



Get in touch with us or complete our form to get your Photo Booth Booked.

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